Date Title Author Topic
10/03/21 Fertilizer and Roots Jared Hagan Foundations
09/26/21 Ransomed Jared Hagan Forgiveness
09/19/21 Imagine Jared Hagan Sin
09/11/21 SERVE GOD. SEEK HEAVEN. (The Passing of Dee Bowman) Jared Hagan Heaven
09/05/21 Namaemake Jared Hagan Self-examination
09/01/21 Tuesday sermon recap; Do we want to hear truth? Jared Hagan Bible
08/29/21 God Already Knows Jared Hagan prayer
02/25/16 Prairie Paper #146 - Atheism - 1/3 Kenny Chumbley Atheism 146_atheism_1.pdf
02/25/16 Prairie Paper #147 - Atheism - 2/3 Kenny Chumbley Atheism 147_atheism_2.pdf
02/25/16 Prairie Paper #148 - Atheism - 3/3 Kenny Chumbley Atheism 148_atheism.pdf
02/25/16 Prairie Paper #149 - Forgiveness Kenny Chumbley Forgiveness 149_Forgiveness.pdf
02/25/16 Prairie Paper #150 - Calvary Kenny Chumbley Calvary 150_Calvary.pdf
12/01/13 What's The Big Deal About Instrumental Music? Jared Hagan Instrumental Music Whats The Big Deal With Instrumental Music.docx
06/30/13 Perspective: Destroyed Nests Jared Hagan Miscellaneous Article - I destroy birds nests.docx
06/23/13 Excuses For Assembling Jared Hagan Attendance Article - Excuses to worship.docx
06/10/13 The Overcomers Jared Hagan Repentance
06/02/13 The Man In The Mirror Jim Allan Self-examination
04/28/13 Anticipation and Excitement Jim Allan Zeal
01/26/13 Just Because It's Legal... Jared Hagan Government Article - JUST BECAUSE ITS LEGAL.docx